How does bulk ordering work?

Want to send instant gifts to clients, salespeople, or employees? Gyft has the perfect solution. Order and send e-gift cards in bulk from any of our hundreds of retailers.

Got a diverse group? Not sure which retailer is right? Choose the Gyft Card to let your recipients select their e-gift card.

How Bulk Ordering Works

The first step is to get enrolled in our bulk purchase program. Once your account is approved, we'll help pre-fund your account via ACH or wire transfer.

Once your funding is applied, you're ready to order and send. Ordering happens in these easy steps:

  1. Choose the gift card and denomination you want to send
  2. Upload the recipient list you’d like to send the gift card to
  3. Review your recipients’ information
  4. Click the Upload More Recipients button if you’d like to order a different gift card and follow step one through three again.


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