Is my information secure?

It's important to us to keep you safe

We work hard to protect your identity and your data! You're important to us—we take security very seriously here at Gyft. We don't share your information with third parties, and never sell or distribute private information. Our data is encrypted and securely stored using industry best practices.

If you're asked to verify your identity

Occasionally, we ask our customers to follow an identity verification process. This helps us to prevent unauthorized charges. If you are asked to verify your identity, please understand that we are ensuring that you—and only you—are interacting with Gyft. It's no fun, but it helps us to protect your account and keep Gyft secure. When you submit your private information to us, all data is transmitted using secure transport with strong cipher suites and stored encrypted using AES256 in a PCI Level 1 compliant environment. All servers, switches, applications and services are monitored continuously to ensure they remain secure.

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