I am having trouble redeeming my gift card.

Sorry to hear! Please give these a try:

If you are redeeming a red Gyft Card (not a retailer card):

With Gyft Cards (not retailer cards), you exchange the card for any retailer gift card on the Gyft website or mobile app. You can't spend them in stores or online.

  1. First, go to gyft.com or open the mobile app.
  2. Click or tap to buy the retailer card of your choice for the same dollar value as your Gyft Card (for example, for $50 Gyft Card choose a $50 Best Buy card).
  3. On the checkout page, check the option to pay with your Gyft Card. Type in the gift code for your Gyft Card, then finish check out. Now you can go spend your retailer gift card!

If you're in a store at the cash register:

  • Ask the cashier to make sure they're entering as a gift card code, not a coupon or promo code.
  • If the barcode won't scan, ask the cashier to type in the gift card code by hand.

If you're shopping online:

  • Make sure that you remove any spaces from the gift code when you copy it over or type it into the retailer's shopping cart.

If you received a card as a gift and you don't see the card in your wallet:

  • Make sure you are logged in to Gyft with the exact same email address where the gift card was originally sent.
  • If you received your gift card by text message, go back to the message and click the link again.

If none of these work, please submit a request to our Gyft support team and we’ll get a Gyfter to help you out!

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